Did you know George Jetson From The Jetsons Was Born In 2022

Did you know George Jetson From The Jetsons Was Born In 2022

Rosie the Robot was born on March 6, 2022. Created by George Jetson and his wife Jane, she was born to be a kind-hearted household robot who can perform simple household chores, enabling the family to have more free time.’

Except for the Robot dogs, delivery and machinery creating cars, we have also seen a promising robot feature dominating the business the past months.
The rise of the Chatbots

The potential for user engagement is massive, provided the chatbots are intelligent enough to hold up a meaningful conversation with multiple users. Messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger have had enormous success with Chatbots since opening up the integration for brands. According to research, over 60 per cent of users who received a chatbot ping on Messenger engaged with the message.

WhatsApp will soon allow brands to integrate chatbots with their API, opening up a whole new avenue for brand-user engagement.
With 1.3 billion active MAU’s, this is a tremendous opportunity for businesses big and small. With 3.2 billion messaging app users expected in 2022, the market potential for chatbots is vast. It is too big a number for marketers to ignore, and chatbots are an excellent tool for tapping into it.

To summarize, chatbots are a great way to increase user engagement by providing 24/7 customer service and can help you create a central intelligence system. The growth of messaging platforms is enabling the proliferation of chatbots. Chatbots will not replace apps as the dominant means of interacting with brands in the foreseeable future. Due to their ability to support multiple languages, provide quick and accurate responses, and offer a consistent experience across channels. Services like Plusgrowth would allow brands to convert text-based messages into structured data instantly.
This data inflow helps chatbots understand user behaviour and provide an enhanced experience.

Where to start?

Despite that, robots and chatbots could do some heavy lifting for companies by automating repetitive tasks. It’s still good to understand that garbage in is garbage out. You could start first by capturing snippets of your customer persona and its customer journey to avoid this. The better you understand your client’s needs, the better you can train your chatbot to interact with your customers need.
One significant element is using your incoming support tickets to fuel your chatbot if you map all the incoming questions and utilize the answers as training material.

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