About us

We’ve been helping businesses like yours stand out for over 10 years

Our leadership team consists of executives we trust and respect. Every member has an authentic stake in Plusgrowth’s success, and we do things together as a group so that we can be held accountable as a team.

In addition, all our key executives are entrepreneurs who have chosen to give up the kind of freedom they enjoyed before starting Plusgrowth —and that’s because we believe in this journey, our mission, and the future.
We’re extremely selective about our peers, and it shows in everything we do.

Our story

Plusgrowth was created from the point of view that business development has to be better and more intelligent.

The Plusgrowth leadership team has extensive business development experience across the channel and direct touch—both for business to business and business to consumer.

For us, business development is the process of developing and implementing growth opportunities, both inside and outside the organization. Business development needs input from Marketing and should ultimately result in more sales.

This result is where some organizations already think differently.
Most organizations measure success in qualified leads and revenue without being concerned with the quality of the process itself.

The more leads, the more sales (opportunities) is the thinking.
This assumption is partly true. When it comes to a more conscious approach deploying business development strategies are a necessary process across and validated by the entire organization.

Plusgrowth is helping companies such as yours to create a process that works best when measured AND adjusted during execution. With which this process can also use this awareness process for quality objectives throughout an organization.

We understand better than anyone that business development takes time, money and energy. It is also confronting because you are usually operating outside the unknown, and shortcomings become more visible.

What are you? An agency or a software platform?

Starting from the idea that Business development should be better, faster and cheaper where possible, we actively searched for applications that can realize this.

  • The most accurate data at their disposal at all times
  • To be able to measure processes and make them transparent.
  • Possibilities to test and experiment theories.
  • Different methods to send and receive messages
    Sales needs:
  • Quality good leads
  • Sales process overview in which: contact management, lead management, sales forecasting, files and content can be shared
  • Clearly articulated sales strategy that fits the needs

Along the way, we discovered plenty of software solutions available in the market that can, however, only cover part of the process. And some of these solutions are just not user friendly.

Yes, some solutions can fill in the whole marketing and sales chain, but this would ask a significant investment for business to implement before it can be used.

Plusgrowth has integrated more than 42+ software applications in one platform program that allows companies to use the variety of marketing and sales applications as principles and to be performed automatically.

So, to answer your question. Plusgrowth is a growth hacking agency with its own platform. Where you as a user could choose how you would implement it.

Do it yourself or let it be done by Plusgrowth.

The undercutting power of our solution is:

  • Web-based accessible -> Any time, any place
  • Modular structure -> Use what you need
  • Low entry cost -> Minimal upfront investment