AntexCloud develops business solutions based on Microsoft 365.

AntexCloud develops multilingual business solutions based on Microsoft365 and other cloud platforms, which utilize advantages of SharePoint, Power BI, Teams & PowerApps products and technologies, plus delivers custom-tailored training that helps get up-to-speed with Microsoft 365.

Zero-touch operations is a term and concept that has been around for a while in the operations world. It has to do with operations being able to provide a system without any human intervention.

Plusgrowth helped us to improve processes and data quality with an integrated marketing sales system that centralizes insights from across our customers.

Business solutions based on Microsoft365 products: Our Microsoft365 business solutions for Mazars, Philips, Danone, Telekom Serbia etc. have been widely used in the area of business productization.

We have been developing on Microsoft technologies for over 10 years now. We are very proud to be a Microsoft Certified Partner, and we believe that our long term relationship with Microsoft has helped us achieve this status.

Microsoft CSP program.

Microsoft is a leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud solutions, which include the Azure Cloud platform and a wide variety of software products.

Microsoft values its cloud partners and offers a unique program called Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Since Antex has gained an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft, Office, Sharepoint and Azure, we can offer customer-centric products and services for companies, solutions lifting the heavy work for managers and management, and development services tailored to companies’ needs.

Antex’s deep understanding of Microsoft’s cloud business enables us to develop better solutions that are based on Azure or other Microsoft technologies. As a result we have both the will and the capabilities to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

About AntexCloud
We are a young international team of modern cloud apps experts from Holland, Canada, Spain, Bulgaria and other countries. We consult, propose, develop and implement custom-tailored solutions based on Microsoft 365 infrastructure in Europe in Dutch, English, Spanish and French. We specialize in moving businesses to the cloud and digital transformation consulting.

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