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Gamgee is an international team of experts from the industries of telecommunications, media, high-tech software and cyber security. Gamgee mission is to delight consumers with excellent wireless smart home services.

Gamgee wanted to distribute their unique product but wasn’t sure where or how to start. When it comes to growing your business, getting your message in front of the right audience is critical.

The challenge

We live in a connected world, where everything is accessible at our fingertips—whether it’s Wi-Fi or Smart Home devices. That leaves your network vulnerable to security breaches and data theft. The Gamgee solution protects your family and network with Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, and Parental Control features for any home network.

Gamgee combines Wi-Fi management and network security into one tool. By creating a central hub of your network you can manage your devices, keep tabs on your family’s activity and stay secure against internet threats.

Sounds all great, and everybody needs this kind of solution, admit it, nobody wants to put their family at risk when going online.

The analysis

At Plusgrowth we provide SEM, Social Media and remarketing services so you can attract, engage and convert customers at scale with the best possible ‘fit’ to your needs.

The starting point we took was checking among all data contact points Gamgee gathered and cross-checking the data against the customer persona Gamgee defined.

We have analyzed the current inflows of visitors by combining the data metrics from Google Analytics and the behaviour of the users on the website by analyzing the data from hotjar and measuring the pages’ loading time. We were using the following tools: Google Analytics, HotJar, and their own sitemap.

The results

By understanding the acquisition and behaviour of the visitors we increased the content publishing moments as well, making the distinction that the majority of the visitors prefer to purchase the Gamgee solution at an e-commerce store. By increasing the listings on marketplaces we increase the visibility of the brand Gamgee.

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Strategy & Hands-on Consultancy

The first thing you need to do when validating your business assumption is to understand your customers better. The best way to do this is to ask them questions about their demographic, preferences, and behaviour.

Value Proposition Design

(Beach) Market research

Customer persona journey mapping

Data-Driven Analysis

Growth hacking audit

Data enrichment

CRM Data cleaning

(New) Business development

Growth Hack Services

The Plusgrowth Marketing Tech Stack is an integration of various Marketing Tech Tools. These tools help you in achieving your marketing goals by automation, agility and better customer engagement. The Plusgrowth Marketing Stack is built to meet the needs of all company sizes, provide solutions that aid in marketing, sales & customer experience management.

Organic Traffic Growth

Account-based Marketing

Referral traffic

Establishing Link Authority

Buy the rumour, sell your news.

Marketplace Marketing

Quora marketing

Instagram marketing

Twitter marketing

Facebook marketing

TikTok marketing

Linkedin marketing

Cross Marketing Channels

We recognise that digital marketing is a serious business. When it comes to conversion rate optimisation and online marketing success, we know how to help you tweak your marketing mix into something that’s going to work for you. We don’t just help with the execution, we also have a depth of knowledge in terms of achieving digital marketing nirvana.

Content creation

Pluscloud Calendar Scheduler

Social media optimalisation

Email direct marketing

Marketing & Sales Automation

Lead generation

Channel Partner Marketing

Conversion Optimalisation

The majority of the websites and their content at this moment are static. They do not offer a personalized experience. If you want to be successful in today’s online world, your website needs Dynamic Content, and at least some of it has to be generated by Artificial Intelligence or Human Intelligence (categories such as real-time photos, videos, posts).

We can assist you in emphasizing your main message, increasing your conversion rate and deepening the relationship with your customer, automatic, not robotic.

Funnel Mapping, planning, strategy & simulation

Dynamic Content Scenarios

Buyers Intent Data

Proactive Interaction based on behaviour

Conversion Optimization Advanced

Trackable link optimisation

Auto responding engagement

Scale-Up Services

ScaleUp is a process of growth where a company increases its size of operation by at least 10 times in 5 years which helps it to grow beyond the point of its industry.

It is based on three pillars of business development:
It has been defined as “a company’s capacity to increase sales and increase the scale of its operations without compromising the quality standards required to compete effectively”.

The first phase of a scale-up is called the “Growth Stage” which lasts from 3 to 7 years during which the company grows exponentially.

The second phase of ScaleUp is called the “Maturity Phase” which lasts from 7–10 years during which the company becomes stable and reaches its full potential.

The third phase is called the “Decline Phase” which lasts up to 15 years during which the company loses its competitive advantage.

Plusgrowth help companies to cope with some specific challenges that are faced by all businesses as they grow. Some of the services are listed below:

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