We want to help you grow your business using Hyper-personalization strategies that convert.

We want to help you grow your business using Hyper-personalization strategies that convert.

Hyper-personalization is the trend that takes personalization up a notch. Rather than using names, company names, or locations, you use their behavioural data ? the real-time interactions they have with your brand. This is hyper-personalization, using data to send personalized content across all stages of the funnel.

Personalization is a growing tactic to boost customer experience. But it’s more than just the “Hey *insert name*”.

Despite being a popular marketing trend, it can be hard to implement.
Here are six ways to hyper-personalized your customer experience:

  1. Integrate with CRMs Customer relationship management systems (CRMs) are powerful tools that allow you to store and organize customer data.
  2. Creating automated sales processes allows you to send highly targeted emails and nurture leads over time.
  3. CRM systems like Plusgrowth offer inbound marketing features that let you segment your email lists based on customer activity and interests.
  4. Data is perfect for hyper-personalization.
  5. Use real-time analytics Analytics are at the core of hyper-personalization, allowing you to drive hyper-targeted content based on customer behaviour in real-time.
  6. In addition, these tools can help you understand what your CTA buttons are doing — what’s working, what’s not, and why. Analytics tools are crucial for understanding how people are visiting your site, what landing pages they see, and when they convert or don’t convert.

Hyper-personalization is not just a matter of personalizing your content. It creates customized experiences that are relevant and resonate with your customers at every stage of their journey. To succeed with hyper-personalized ventures means, you must know your customer’s expectations, the insight into their behaviours and the ability to deliver them in real-time. Hyper-personalized experiences are based on data collected in real-time and take into account each customer’s individual needs. You can achieve hyper-personalization by building an automated marketing funnel that uses behavioural data to send personalized content across all stages of the funnel. This ensures you create a relevant experience for each customer at every stage of their journey. Different funnel stages have different needs and expectations, so hyper-personalizing requires understanding how each segment interacts with your brand. For example, visitors who land on your pricing page but don’t convert will likely want more pricing information before buying.

Hyper-personalization is the practice of using a customer’s behavioural data and real-time interactions with your brand to send them highly relevant and timely communications. Truly hyper-personalized messages are informed by a customer’s past actions and delivered precisely when they will be most relevant to that customer. Perhaps the essential aspect of hyper-personalization is that it is behaviour based, meaning your customers’ actions directly inform how, when and what you communicate with them. When done well, hyper-personalization can increase engagement conversions, reduced churn, and higher customer lifetime value. There are many ways to use hyper-personalization to influence buyer behaviour along the entire customer journey. Below are some of my favourites: On your homepage: The first impression on your website or blog will have a substantial impact on their further interactions. It is critical to ensure that these first interactions set the tone for the rest of their journey with you – and that these interactions are carefully tailored to their interests and needs. Using data gathered from the previous stages of your funnel (like who has purchased from you previously or from which blog content they’ve clicked), you can start delivering highly relevant buyer personas specific content on your homepage that

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I’m Marco van den Akker, a strategist and marketer who uses data and creativity to grow Plusgrowth clients’ businesses. I’m always happy to work with towards measurable results.