Account based Marketing

The concept behind account-based marketing is simple:

Identify the accounts that will be most profitable, and then focus all of your marketing and sales efforts on those. In order to identify your best-fit accounts, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions:

If you were starting a new business today, which type of accounts would you target? Which type of accounts has been the most profitable for you in the past? Are there any other types of accounts that seem promising?

Now, what if I told you that account-based marketing is already being done by some of the top brands in the world?

That’s right. The technology solution to account-based marketing has been available for years — it’s just not being applied to your industry. But the time is ripe for B2B marketers to get on board with this method of selling that’s already being used by some of the biggest players in the game.

ABM is more than just a buzzword. It’s a strategic approach that’s here to stay. And the more you learn about it, the more possibilities are available to your business.

A lot of companies are already on this bandwagon. But there are still plenty of companies that aren’t. How does this make sense?
Well, if you’re not on board or you’re just in the initial stages, these three things will help you understand what ABM is all about—and why it matters to your bottom line.

Through analytics, testing, and constant experimentation, Plusgrowth helps fast-growing SaaS startups formulate an actionable marketing funnel that generates leads at scale. Plusgrowth provides the tools to measure your marketing funnel in real time, which enables you to continue to optimize based off of conversion rates. This way, you're only paying for additional leads when they are highly likely to convert.

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