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Visualize People and Processes, Not just servers and Logs. is the cognitive layer for IT Ops, DevOps, and InfoSec teams. provide dynamic global monitoring, visualization, alerting, and analytics solution for all your human-centric processes and people.

Sundar Kannan – CEO

Zero-touch operations is a term and concept that has been around for a while in the operations world. It has to do with operations being able to provide a system without any human intervention.

130% Increase in Leads – 300% time saved in KPI reporting

DevOps has revolutionized the way of IT. It has brought CI/CD, Infrastructure automation, Org culture, Productivity, Monitoring and testing together in a shiny new wheel called Cloud Infrastructure.

Imagine, if we can put all the reports from monitoring tools into one platform. Imagine a platform with AI capabilities that learns from the past and recommend changes to improve performance every day. Imagine a platform that knows when you need to take action on an anomaly because it has already tested a fix against past anomalies.

When this proposition was clear, the right message to the right audience was given into the platform and activated.

Quiet a dry story to tell to a larger audience. To grow your business is merely identifying the pain your ideal customer has and selling them the solution for the price which make it easy to select the buy instead of building it themselves strategy.

Cost-effective methods of acquiring new leads.

The way that is handling this growth spurt is in large part by finding not only the most cost-effective methods of acquiring new leads but also by tracking those leads through their lifecycle to see where they are going astray.
They are doing this in conjunction with lead nurturing techniques that increase the probability of a positive outcome for these efforts. The Plusgrowth solutions provide with all the needed tools to reach and crush their objectives.

About is a young startup that wants to disrupt the $10B+ corporate benefits market by offering simple, zero-touch cloud operations for companies of all sizes.
It has been growing rapidly and is looking for a partner who can help them scale their infrastructure as they grow.

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