Buy the rumour sell your news

The word is out, and the market buys into it.

How to use the saying “buy the rumour, sell the news”:
“Buy the rumour, sell the news” is a piece of financial jargon, but it is also a general principle that can be applied to any situation where people get overexcited and then let their guard down.

You’ll notice that people get overexcited when they hear rumours of new products, services, or opportunities. They get so excited about the idea of something that they start paying attention to it.

Of course, is the origin is a negative element in driving business based on emotions, how we use this term is in a positive sense is to attract visitors by using press releases and bloggers, influencers to guide them to your product pages. This could be done in various ways.

How to buy a rumour:

  1. Create a blog in which you will publish news about your site or product, so that it is well positioned in search engines and in social networks.
  2. Use press releases to get the blogger to write about you.
  3. Use influencers to send your message to their followers, thus increasing your traffic and sales.
  4. After achieving popularity among users, sell the rumor by launching an campaign related to the product. The hype created by this campaign will bring new customers.
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